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Leak proof and Seal: foam liner on the top lid creates an airtight seal to give protection for your things when the lid is securely screwed onto the container.

Good Material: made of good quality clear plastic that is resistant to breaking. These straight-sided and wide-mouth jars allow for easy filling and removing.

50ml/1.76oz clear plastic jars with white screw lids. Measuring about 1.97 inch / 5cm diameter, 1.69 inch / 4.3cm high. The inner size of the cap is about 13mmx49mm.

Individual Containers: plastic containers with screw lids are easily screws together and keep items separate and organized, long-lasting and resistant to wear. Small size allows them to be carried with you, convenient for travel use.

Wide Application: reusable jars to store DIY slime, creams, lotions, make up, cosmetics, lip balm, lip gloss, , nail accessories, charms, beads, small jewelry, , body butters, acrylic powders, hair clips, nail dip powder, cosmetics, body essentials, facial , balms and more

50 ml travel jars

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