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Travel not to find yourself,

but to remember who you’ve been all along.


Airport Traveller | Image by Alessio Rinella

Meet Cheryl

Cheryl Ross of Carry On Travel Kits

Cheryl Ross is a makeup artist, hairstylist, ex retail manager and single Mother to her loving son who lives in Calgary, Ab. Originally from North Bay, Ontario but made Calgary home in 2004.

Cheryl believes in living life to the fullest and having no regrets, if there is something you always wanted to do, then just do it!

In addition to working in the Beauty department of a major Canadian drug store chain, Cheryl can often be found volunteering, riding her bike or hanging out near the river.  

Water is like therapy.  "If you can't live near the ocean, find the next best thing!"

Cheryl has been recognized for her superior customer service with a COSA nomination, and very well trusted for her in depth knowledge of skincare and makeup by clients and peers.

She has had a passion for travel since her first family trip to Disney world in Orlando Florida at 8 years old.  Since then, Cheryl has lived in 5 different provinces and Edinburgh Scotland in her late 20s, travelling several locales in Europe such as Spain, Greece, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium and then of course the list goes on with Cuba, Dominican, Mexico and several of the United States.  Cheryl is no stranger to travel and truly loves lone travel as well.  

When asked, "what made you think up this idea", Cheryl replies

"I've worked in the Health and Beauty Industry my entire career as well as in hair. I have a passion for self care, healing and I travel as much as I can.  I understand the struggle to prepare for your vacations or work based travel and I discovered a way to make things easier for everyone"

Thank you for joining me on this journey

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